Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Post Play Date Update

I had to rest up before my big play date this afternoon.  Devin and I went over to Mel's to help secure the lower fence line, and of course play/socialize.

A few times the twins got in my face and would not let up; specifically when I was laying on the mat in front of the kitchen sink, they just wouldn't let up; I had to let out a few growls and a snip.  Eventually they got the hint and gave me some space.  Oh to be "young" again....

Catchin' some Z's before the big play date

You again!

z  z z

Getting ready to head to off for my play date:

Hangin' out by the pool with the Laaaadies

Everyone doing their own thing

I decided to help Melissa with some "edging".  I found some nice luscious grreeeeen grass to nibble on. First sprout of the season.  So Yummy!

Thinking about it - Devin told me NOT to even think about it.
The girls being girls....
Chasing the ball - Bella looking on
Mine! All Mine!
Zip Zoooom! 
Break time!  Devin brought me inside for a few ice cubes while the others still played around outside.
All gone?

Devin was spreading out my blanket for me on the futon, when I decided I was done "waiting". I popped up from under Devin, knock the jaw, and causing Devin's teeth to go into the tongue.  My bad :(
I wasn't sure what to do, Devin had a hand over mouth and was mumbling something about "it's okay, good boy, lay down".  The look in Devin's eyes told me it wasn't really okay.   :(

Like me, after a few moments Devin shook it off. We cuddled and all was good in the world!
Devin's nom NOM nom tongue :(
I saw Angel and Elly run over to the fence, so it must have been something interesting over there; So I joined
Angel doing a pose on the stairs

How do you get your leg up there like that??
I was told to go lay down while the Twins ate their supper.   Here I am watching Sherry filled the food dishes ( I ate my supper while they were outside earlier)
relaxed some
Back to staring at the action in the other room
Devin things I'm silly - The way I squishy up my nose on things.

GrassHoppa Legs
Defeated, might as well take a nap
All eyes on Devin.   Back home - straight into my nest I went.
 Devin noticed that I'm back to limping again with what appears to be my right shoulder.
In and out of the car sometimes i tweak things.  Any suggestions out there on what can be used to help get me in and out of the car with minimal jolting?

Devin was thinking about getting one of those harnesses you put on an older or injured dog to help them get up or down.  Kinda like a suitcase concept (with a handle) I being the lovely luggage. hehe


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