Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quick Daily Update

This morning when Devin arrived home from work, I was snuggled up between pillows that were hidden under Great Nana's quilt.   I was sooooo comfy, but after a few "Move Move", I popped off the bed and joined Devin for a quick morning walk. 

It felt greyt to not have to put my winter coat on.  The nice warm breeze flowing on my fur/hair, I could definitely get used to this weather again.

Around lunchtime Devin started with the "Milo, Come".  I didn't budge from my nest.   After some time Devin got up out of bed and came to me to tell me to "Milo, Come".  After dropping a few cranberries into my dish, I popped out.  We went for a quick "out", then back into my nest I went.

Devin's going to lay down again before it's work time again.  I'm looking forward to the weekend where we can just hang out.  

Nap time!

Cuddled in on Devin's bed this morning...

I'm not looking.

Ok, Fine.

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