Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Day In Photos

Slow moving - Give me a few more minutes Devin, Please?
The Look
Devin  finally convinced to go out and enjoy the day. Off we went on our morning walk.....
I decided to graze along the way.. I LOVE This time of the year!
Nom nom Grazing
 It quickly got hot for me.  Devin tried to zip us home as fast as possible. 
One paw in front of the other..Just keep moving..Just keep moving...
Are we almost home Devin?
Okay, I can do this...
Quick stop past the baseball diamond
 Devin and I went over to Nana's to hang the clothing on the line.  I've taken to laying on the ground to keep cool.  Devin worries about fleas and ticks.  Such an over protective parent. *ugh*
I'll just lay here while you do that....
z z  z  z
nice coooool ground
Watching the birds
Hanging by the clothing line.   Devin called me a few times, I came! :)

Once home from Nana's, Devin gave me a few ice cubes to munch on.  I decided to munch on them inside my "nest"; hence the wet spots on my bed.  Cooled off and napping..
 z z z z
Oh, hi Devin
yawnnnn, it's so very warm :(

Devin had to run to town to change the winter tires for summer tires.  I stayed home that that errand.
After all was done, Devin came back home to pick me up and take me over to Melissa's.  I played around in the backyard some, chased a few toys and balls.  I managed to cut my gum open (all fun and games until someone does that) on a toy i chased down.  

The twins have been busy in the backyard digging holes here and there.  I decided to help out some. *hehe*
OPERATION - night time dig!
Shuffling by one of the holes the twins dug
 Devin brought one of my beds for me to lay on, I choose to lay on the ground, again it was much cooler.
Layin' around...

I was laying around quickly, then everyone came over to me. I felt a bit overwhelmed, so up I popped
Angel: Uh, you okay?
Splashing and Slurping
Twins: Whatcha got there Milo?? Can we have some too?
Hangin' out with the laaaadies

Melissa tossed the ball, i got distracted after the chase *sniff sniff sniff*
Ears - Model Pose 1
I just want the futon..can we go inside already??
Silly faces
throw it..come on come on come on throw itttttt!
 I WIN! (again)

I think Elly has a crush on me - she's always homing around me
Me and my hair ball Devin brushed off from me.  I tried to eat it. My bad. I thought it was a critter!

 IT FINALLY HAPPENED -  I Roached at Melissa's :)

 Devin decided that after my attempted pond dip yesterday, and with my excessive panting today I needed my own pool to dip into.  Something portable that can we easily tossed in the back of the truck and taken out when needed.  I also have a new KONG squeaky toy!  

 Now back from my afternoon out; I'm absolutely beat.  Bedtime for me!


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