Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Parkway walks, Beach Off Leash

Devin had plans for us again this morning - Spring is in the air; it's time for us to get walking again.

We went down the parkway and into the beach again.  On our way down to the beach that pile of sand caught my eye today. I was determined to climb it.  My first attempt was failed, Devin held on to my leash too tight i wobbled back down, the second attempt Devin followed me part way up the hill, then let go of my leash.  I made it to the top!  WINNER!!!!

Devin called me to come down off the hill, I listened, and carefully maneuvered my way down.  We were then off to wander the beach. We were nowhere near any sort of road; Devin decided to try me with "off leash" recall.  For the most part even at the park I am good to "come" when Devin calls me.
At the beach I did a decent job at listening; However, (here it comes) the last "Milo, Come" was ignored. I decided to keep trotting.  Devin picked up speed to catch up with me, slipped on some ice, but kept footing.  We met up with each other, Devin then popped my leash back on me.  It was time to go home anyway.

Devin and I are going to work on "Milo, Come!".  :)
I was slow moving at the beginning of our walk, and of course at the end.  Devin could best describe my mode as "being in one gear, and it's almost stop".  hehe

Back to my nest - Not use to this distance walking *yawn*

Slow moving - Devin covered me up this morning

The geese are back!

Morning walk
And we're off....
Oh, that's better!
Looking out at the water
Caught a scent...
tra la la
*pointing* That way!
Tra lalala
Panting - Devin, can we lose the coat??

How about now??
Thank you!
Off roadin' to the beach
Checkin' out the rock
Just keep moving....
But I wanna follow those tracks...


Beach :)
First attempt at scaling the sand pile
Second attempt at scaling the sand pile
Headin' to the beach

Devin was daring - off came the leash
not sure what i'm doing here...
Checkin' things out

Captured - back on lease

Back home -

Relaxin' outside the "nest" had a few ice cubes :)
Back in the "nest", passed out - napping with eyes open

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