Saturday, March 3, 2012

Devin Can Be Such A Jerk Sometimes...

I was laying on the bed when Devin decided to come in and lay down beside me.  Devin tried to have me flop on my side, but i wasn't having any of that. I just stayed where I was at, fighting against the pushes/pulls.

I was left alone, then Devin did it again *ugh*, this time I had enough and got up and jumped off the bed.  Devin can be such a jerk sometimes. I was more than content laying there. Had to go and ruin a good thing. :P

Before Devin disturbed me.

After Devin disturbed me.
Giving Devin "the look" yet again.
 In an attempt to right the wrong, Devin gave me 2 ice cubes and half a milkbone.  I guess I can forgive....


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