Thursday, March 22, 2012

Taking It Easy -

Late moving again this morning.  Devin and I went to bed late last night.  Well I went to bed shortly after arriving home last night, Devin on the other hand prowled.

(yesterday) hanging out at Nana's
(last night) Out cold, but Devin blew up on new pool for me.  Maybe i'll get to test drive this at Nana's??

 After breakfast this morning I crawled off to my bed for a bit.  Devin and I had a quick nap before going on our morning walk. 
z z   z
Devin thinks I look like this guy sometimes..
Vampire teef look

Devin always takes the most flattering photos of me....*ugh*

 One back in from our walk Devin gave me my new KONG toy! 

After chomping on my KONG for a bit, i wandered off to bedroom to enjoy some alone time - Who's kidding who; I wanted to stretch out on the bed and enjoy the fans were are running...

Not sure what else the day will bring, but for the now I'm going to just relax and take it easy.


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