Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Moohound Files

Last night Devin and I stayed out in the living room. When it was time for breakfast I popped out of my nest and gobbled it up; I then wandered into the bedroom all by myself and crashed on my bed for a bit.  There's something about me and that bed, I just like being on there after i've eaten breakfast.

After a mini breakfast nap I meandered back into the living room.  Devin asked me if i wanted to go outside or a walk, for the first time since being home with Devin i was overjoyed about going outside.  I started play bowing, nipping at the air, and couch, really anything that was in my mouth path was going in my mouth. Soooo excited!!!

Once on our walk we came upon my favorite grazing place.  I stopped and nibbled away at the beautiful tall green sprouts of grass; making my way around the rock. Do delicious they are!  I wonder if I keep this up, maybe they will hire me for the summer months???  No need to whipper snip, I'd tidy the place right up for them!
In bed - post breakfast
Trying to cover my face - Ugh* Flash

Defeated - back to sleep

Moohound chronicles:

Oh, what do we have here???

nom nom
nom nom please...nom nom nom nom
Day 2 of  half dose of Clomicalm.
So far so good - I think i'm feeling okay.


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