Thursday, March 1, 2012

No Power - Snuggle Time!

Last night the power kicked out around 7pm until 11pm.  Devin had put the laundry in the washer, halfway through the load is when the power went out.
I TRIED to tell Devin not to put it in (let out a few cries when Devin went down the hall); when will the human listen to me???

Devin went to bed to read a book, I wasted no time getting up on the bed for some snuggles.  I used Devin's feet as a neck/head rest; so comfy!

This morning after our walk I found my way back to Devin's bed.  Devin told me I have the ability to make a Queen size bed look like a twin size OR a California king, It all depends on how I curl up on the bed. 

Curled up - Do we have to go outside?? (power out)

Power outage snuggles: 
pressed myself up against Devin.  Safety in numbers

These eyesssss.... la la la these na na..shan nana (how does that song go??)

Devin being goofy while I tuck in beside.
z z  z z
More than happy to be curled in amongst the pillows and blankets, and of course Devin!
Cuddled right in
Can you find me? hehe

I found a comfy spot this morning....
Now really, which bed would you choose???  I chose Devin's!

 Devin had to run into town with Nana. As soon as i heard the shower engage i came out from my "nest".  I know what's happening next :(    Devin leaves, BUT i get my KONGS! :)

Keeping an eye on the bathroom door.
Feeling a bit put off ....

Devin's been puttering about today.  I was so out cold that I didn't even budge when the vacuuming started. I had my head buried under my blue bunny.  When the exhaust from the vacuum hit the "nest" where my head was, that made me twitch, I popped my head up and gave Devin a look.  Devin apologized and continued on in the other direction.

I'm thinking perhaps a maid service might be more considerate of my sleeping schedule...maybe..maybe? hmm....

Power Outage Sleepies: Horse Cheek Puffs and Twitches

Proof that I DO play/chew and not JUST sleep :) :

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