Thursday, March 1, 2012

Target Touch Training

Devin and I just finished a session of target touch training.  Devin and I worked on "Come Milo".  Devin went into various rooms and called me, I came running! Food is definitely my motivator. 

I was quick to lay down, "roll over", sit, "wait".  I was a bit on the hyper side that I didn't always wait for Devin to leave my sight before trotting over.  Devin did turn me around a few times to lay down on my training bed.
A few times too I offered up different things.  Devin still rewarded me for staying engaged.

Devin's said it before, but it's almost time for us to go see Shannon and Shannoncourt for a training session; just to get me doing new things.  A greyhound mind is a terrible mind to waste.   
It's good bonding for all involved.  

 After supper tonight I had a mini play session. I found an OLD NEW toy :)  The no fluff toy with a water bottle inside. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP

Again with "the look"
Frog has my back! :)
Safety in numbers....

 I finally had a spurt of energy - It may not look like it, but I did. haha

Chomping on my Old New Toy

Off to bed now, Early morning tomorrow.

Nana comes to visit this weekend :)


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