Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Octopus Milo and New Friends

Last night Devin came to check on me a few times - I was crashed out on the bed, and gone to another world.  My feet were dangling off the bed, but I couldn't careless.

Milo Check 1

Milo Check 2

Milo Check 3

Milo Check 4

Milo Check 5

When it was time for Devin to come to bed, I was none too interested in moving - still in another world, but complied finally with "move" I shifted over to give Devin some blankets.
z z z

Crossing my feet
Sleepy smiles

Devin went to give me a pat goodnight, and found a foot sticking up. One foot quickly turned into a full out roach.

Oddball Roaching
 Devin wasn't able to get comfy with me and my roaching styles, so I was told to "move move", and off I went to my bed.   z z z z z 
Alllll byyyy myyyseeeellllffffff......
We stopped by Nana's on the way home from our walk. I had an itchy - 

Devin tried Rye-Lee's "Thundershirt" on him while we were there. We ran into a bit of a problem. Shannon was right.  Rye-Lee's movements and colours had me on high alert.  Nothing happened, but I was showing too much interest, so there won't be any alone time for Rye-Lee and I anymore.  Better to be safe than sorry, right?

 Before heading home we stopped in the garage to check out Papa Georges Harley.  Maybe Papa Georges can get side cart for me to ride in?? Err lay in??

Harley and Milo
 Back at home I was more than happy to climb up onto the bed and veg out for a bit.

back on the road again....

We went to see Janice and "Donnie" this afternoon.  It was my first time meeting him; so Devin put on my muzzle before we got out of the truck.  Once out of the truck I got to meet Donnie, I sniffed him and he didn't like that very much; maybe it's because he felt pinned against his Mommy? but he lashed out at me with snarls and barks.  He was pulled away from me pretty quick.  Needless to say I didn't bother with him for the duration of  our visit/walk.  We did sniff noses at one point but it was brief and Devin had put back on my muzzle while that happened.  No incidents, I don't think we'll have many play dates though.
We saw Llamas on our walk!!!
I was so hot from our walk that I was tempted a few times to jump into the pond; Devin had to tell me no.
Instead, Janice brought out some ice cubes and water for me along with 2 cold wet towels.  
I hardly touched the water, nor did I want anything to do with the ice.  I'm guess I'm a city kid now. I like my at home and at Nana's (I'm not too fussy on the Toronto water either).

I started to pace and whine some, Devin decided it was time for us to head home.   Once home, I downed my water and ate my ice cubes. I was snatching them from my food dish as fast as Devin was placing them in there.  Gulp Gulp*

Cooler outside the "nest" tonight

 Nana came by and we all went on our evening stroll.  I'm more of a cooler temperature dog now.  As much as I dislike the shocks I get from my winter coat, I miss the puffy snow to play around in!
Ah well, soon enough it will be time to go back to the dog park and take a dip in the water at the beach :)


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