Thursday, March 1, 2012

Guide Dog, I am! I was Leap Leap Leaping Like A Lemur...

Where did all this snow come from??

Devin told me that I should have been called "Jiminy" (wait Jiminy was a cricket, I'm more like a grasshopper) instead of Milo.  I've mastered jumping the snowbanks in a single leap!  No hesitation
My back legs are like grasshopper legs, I spring off them and FLY until i come softly to the end of my leash.

I lead Devin away from a couple HUGE snowdrifts. One of them was almost as tall as me.  My depth perception is obviously better than Devin's. :D 

On our stroll back home we took the road.  I was a weeee bit nervous with a few of the plows that went by.
Devin did the "Oh what's that???" in an excited voice.  I decided then what was going on around me was an okay thing, nothing to fear. 
On the last part of our walk, Devin sprinted while I trotted ahead (Devin sure is slow).

Too bad the park wasn't closer to us, The snow would be perfect for me to jump around in.  I LOVE snow falls. :)

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