Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Play Date With The Ladies

Melissa had to go out of town today, and asked if we'd drop in to let Elly and Bella and Angel out.
Devin packed up a few of my things and off we went to spend the afternoon with them.

Here are the photos from my play date :)

Before heading over to Melissa and Sherry's place we stopped by Nana's. I was a panting mess, so Nana gave me a few ice cubes :)
Nom nom nom

After Nana's we went on to Melissa and Sherry's to hang out with "the twins":

Checking things out before Devin let "the twins" out

Follow the leada leada leada

Elly and Bella checking me out at the door.

Listen close, I'm only going to tell you one time.
nom nom sn nom sno nom snow

Elly (r) Bella (l)

Can we go in?

"the twins" left a surprise for Devin. Sherry's shoe

I was having a good sleep.....

Elly (l) Bella (r)  Me napping....trying to go to back to sleep

Deer Antler!

Senior Citizens resting while "the twins" were outside

Tried to eat "the twins" toys.  Devin said, "no". I went to the futon and sulked... Until I fell asleep


z z z z

If you're done with that...Don't mind if i...doooo (steal)

After my nap we all went back outside:

I was sneaky/lazy. I stayed on the couch and used my long neck to stretch and get the rope toy up on the futon with me. hehe

More jedi mind tricks - "rope move"

Oh, what's that??

Can I come up too?

Whatcha got there?

Can I fit up here too?

Everyone in a line....
What are you looking at??

Well, if you're not ready .....
Waiting for Devin to gather our things...
"Twin" saw no other option than to climb over me to get up on the Futon. Ugh* girls!

Headin' home....
Are we almost home?
home sweet home!


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