Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spiderm-ilo and Summer Jobs

I love this time of the year.  While on my walks or in the backyard  at Melissa's there are TONS of new sprouts for me to munch on.  I'm quite particular too with the ones I choose to eat; they must be a certain length and colour - just ripe for the picking. *nom nom nom*

On our walk this morning Devin had to pull me away from my grazing.  A car passed by me, i didn't mind one bit *nom nom nom*.  It was then that Devin had the idea for a summer job for me.

It might take me all day to do someone's property, and it may not be an even cut, but i'd be more than willing to give it a go.  Also, Cousin Parker (who lives in Florida with Auntie Shelley and Uncle Mat) has been hitting up the grass seen too. Maybe he could come back to Canada for the summer months to help out??

Oh - Spiderm-ilo:
If the lawn grazing doesn't pan out, Devin thinks i'd make an excellent spider sniffer dog.  This morning while Devin was on the phone with Nana, I made my way to the kitchen to sniff a "black spot".  I never go into the kitchen looking for anything; that got Devin moving over to me.  I took a sniff at the "spot" and raised my head.  Devin had a mild panic moment after realizing what it was (apparently spiders are big and scary???).  Out came several pieces of paper towel - SQUASH: There went my friend :(

Farmer Parker  - Helping his daddy with the garden (Florida)
Last night:
Devin came in to check on me....
Out cold -
Snuggling with my frog pillowcase

Devin caught me mid- yawn
and back to sleep I go

Related to Devin - I Drool (crossed legs)

lookin' a little rough here, but it was just that EVIL flash that caught me

Today:  Devin poked in to see what I was up to...

This evening: Devin packed up my water dish, blanket and chew toy - Off  for a visit at Melissa's.
I had a few snarly moments this evening.  While laying on the futon one of the twins insisted on putting her face into mine; I was laying there quietly and didn't want to be disturbed.  I let out a snarl with a barl/growl snap into the air.  She didn't take the hint, I did that 2 other times, and FINALLY she took the hint and went off to wrestle with her sister.   Children sometimes *geeeesh*
I must say though, i was VERY tolerant outside with them. I was jumped on, hugged and pushed at on more than one occasion. I just let them do what they had to do, then calmly walked away from them.

Jackpot!  I taught the TWINS the joys of eating grass. *hehe*

Hanging out in the kitchen while Melissa and Devin make supper

It's okay Melissa, you're not in my way. I'll just lay around you.


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