Sunday, March 11, 2012

Out and About

While Devin worked out today I showed my support from a distance.

upside down (ward) dog

When the workout was done I found my way over on to Devin's bed.  I so love pillows!!

 We went for another walk around the big loop.  The snow is just about gone; we had to dodge the puddles.
I much prefer walking on the grass right now.  Our township uses a lot of gravel and sand on the roads in the winter; it hurts my delicate feet.  For as rough as they have gotten since being with Devin, they sure are sensitive on the walks.
We walked a total of 4.4Km today!

 Once home we curled up in my "nest".  Devin gave me my deer antler from outside my "nest".  I forgot I had that thing.  Thanks Devin!
nom nom to the right

nom nom to the left

back to the right

and back to the left
Devin's hoping that in combination with the brushing of my teeth the antler I'll have plaque/tartar free teeth.

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