Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shopping, Play Dates and more :)

Yesterday before going over to Melissa's and Sherry R's we stopped in at PetValue.
Devin picked me up some grain-free cookies (glazed duck) and a 2pk of deer antlers. 
I got to pick out the deer antler set I wanted. 
While Devin was looking over the deer antlers I had my head stuck in a bin of plastic wrapped joint looking things. Whatever they were I was trying to peel the plastic wrap from them, they smelled amazing!
Devin quickly caught on to my ways and got my head out of the bin.  *hmpft*

We went on over to hang out with Sherry R and the girls.  I had a good day there; I even briefly tried to join in on a game of chase between Angel, Elly and Bella.
The twins like to take turns at giving me hugs, I just stand there for the most part, every now and then i let out a low grumble and they stop what they're trying to do.  One of them was up on my back at one point while I was standing there.  I knew they'd go away if i ignored them.   Also, one of the twins likes to walk underneath me. They treat me like i'm a bridge! At one point one of the twins fell over on her back and laid under me while I stood there, silly girls! I stepped over her and went about my own business.

Supper time came and went. I've learned that because the food is done doesn't mean it's for me.  I had already eaten my supper - the twins were put outside while I ate; Angel never bothers with me.
Once I was done, everyone else had a go at theirs while i laid on the futon in the living room.

When Devin and I arrived home I was beat from all the activity of the day, i crawled off to my nest, where i stayed until Devin came out to feed me this morning, then like habit, I went to lay down on my bed next to Devin's.

We went off on our long walk around the BIG loop this morning.  Devin took my winter coat off for me; i was panting up a storm, the sun sure is getting warmer!

We finished up our walk, i had a huge drink of water, nibbled on the deer antler some then went off to catch a sun patch on Devin's bed. 

Laundry had to be done today, i fussed some, but stopped almost as fast as i started.

The temperature is suppose to climb today, Devin said we'd go for another long walk.  We'll see how I feel about that later on.


Heading into town....

Score! Deer Antler!

short lived, back to napping

One of the girls coming to say hi

I sunk into a hole one of the girls dug to lay down in

yes yes, one at a time....

So there I was.... coming around the first turn.... *story time*

The girls being silly beside me

nom nom nom deer antler

back outside

Elly likes to lay against me

She was laying under me after she fell over - i stepped over her and kept on my way

Checkin' things out. you get it, no you get it!

The girls trying to steal a stick from each other

New thing  - laying on the snow???  I picked this up from the girls.
Devin didn't let me lay here very long.  I was quite comfy

Bella stole my stuffie

Hey, can i have a lick?

Angel, twin, Me :)

Melissa came home from work - Everyone was excited to see her

I don't remember ever having this much energy.  Was I ever like this???


Snuggling with my jacket

Ello :)

Decided to join everyone in the kitchen. Felt left out - I found a good place to nap
Yeah.. I dunno....

z  zz 

Sometimes Devin takes too long to get ready to leave, that i go back and make myself comfy

Back home - Fried

And here it is..THE BIG SCARY pieces of wood - They didn't scare me today!

Nom nom

Catchin' some sun

z  z z

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