Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tiny Steps Towards Recovery....

Guess what I did(n't) do this evening??

Devin did some laundry this evening, the first time out (like last time) I was given a KONG with a few frozen cranberries in there.  There after each time Devin went out to work on the laundry I wasn't given anything. I didn't make a peep; when Devin came back in each time I was found in the hallway with my head resting on the floor just watching the door.  You know something, I think in time I'm going to be just fine.  I will get back on track from whatever it was that spooked me when I was in Toronto months back.

At supper time, before I was given supper Devin attempted to give me the other half of my Clomicalm pill.
Devin thought I swallowed it, but at the last moment I ended up working it out of my mouth and tossed it onto the floor.  Devin wasn't going to fight me on it tonight - it normally isn't a fight actually.   We're going to try something, since i've been good with my KONG distractions, Devin is going to lower my pill to just .5 in the morning time and see how i make out with that change.   Maybe all I need are KONGS to help me through this rough patch.   We shall see...

After breakfast this morning, I went back to bed in Devin's room.  I managed to get caught up on the body pillow.  Devin lets me use it from time to time to keep me from rolling under the bed.

 We went over to see Nana today; when we got there Rye-Lee was sporting his new "Thundershirt".  I think it's working just fine for him. Normally he finds himself on the back of the couch shortly after my arrival; however, today he was hanging out on the arm of the couch.  He even came into the spare bedroom to hangout and was a bit excited; meanwhile, I just laid there. 
Rye-Lee - sporting his thundershirt
Another view of Rye-Lee sporting his new thundershirt
 Devin found a wonderful website with so many martingale collars for me to choose from.  Now comes the difficult task of choosing which one would compliment my ginger hair. :)

Devin was measuring my head and neck to see what size would best fit me.  There never really is a good time to do this.  :)
Which do you think would best suit me?


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