Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Case Of The Zoomies and A Special Blog Guest

This morning I took Devin on a half loop walk. I chose to turn down the top of Nana's street; I wanted to visit.  Snacks and a good bowl of H20 are always available at Nana's.  :)

I had a bit of the sillies on the floor, snapping at the air and wagging on my tail. After I was done doing that Devin gave me a massage; I think I could get used to that sorta thing.  Devin by no means is an expert, but looked up on YOUTUBE "greyhound massages".   I think in time I could learn to like them more.

We packed up and continued on home. When we got near the baseball diamond I picked up my pace to a mini trot, Devin took that as a cue that I wanted to jog.  I WANTED TO RUN!
I know when i'm about to come to the end of my leash, I generally don't pull beyond that.  I'd let Devin came up to my grasshopper legs, and away i'd go again.  We ran sprints back to the apartment.

Devin did laundry at one point - Guess what???  The first time out Devin gave me my KONG with a few cranberries inside of it.  The other 2 -3 times Devin left the apartment I wasn't given a KONG. I didn't let out a peep!  Devin found me once standing near the door when it opened, the other time I was on the carpet in the hallway watching the door.   Ya know something, I think I'm going to be A-Okay. :)

This evening on our walk before supper I had a severe case of the ZOOMIES on the way back to the apartment.  A few blocks from home I sat down in the grass and gave Devin the "Crazy Look".  I reared back and flew to the end of my leash, Devin had to pull me in a few times, I was just a spinning fool!

Hopefully the park dries up some soon (we haven't been there since the ice was on the ground in spots and mud was beginning to litter the park), I could go for a run on a nice clear surface.  Best part about that park is the ground is fairly level *knock on wood*  I don't tweak my shoulders/legs when i'm there.

Special guest will be in the photos below:

Last night:
Flamingo'ing it
Not sure what you'd call this pose *zz z z *

This morning:

Nose to the ground

What...Are...You...Looking...At ?  ? ?

Le sigh*
This evening - Walk before supper:
Checkin' the ole' fire hydrant out

tra la la - Taylor (big white shepherd isn't outside to bark at me)
Keep focus...
Good Lord when will these pebbles go away??? *ouch ouch ouch*  I loathhhhee tiny stones!

Special Guest:
NAN :)
Nan Playin' Shy
Nan playing hard to get
Nan  (JP - Nan's Daddy) and Me :)
One more sleep then Nan moves :(

Back home - Chillin'
Wondering when the phone/camera will be put away....


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