Monday, March 5, 2012

Off Roading and Scary Things.

Devin and I went off roading this morning. 

The snow was rather crusted/hard when we started out on the sidewalk, however, in areas it quickly turned to a not so stable surface to walk on.  I'd walk a few steps, fall
6inches into the snow, get my footing and do it all over again.  We had to tough this out as the other option was to try and make it down and up through the ditch.  Devin thought this was the safer path for us to take.
Onward we went!

It felt like it took forever to get down to the corner, every other step i had taken before reaching that point Devin was asking me if i was okay, I didn't respond, just kept looking forward concentrating on my next step.  Devin checked my feet for any cuts as i walked, EVIL CRUSTY SNOW!  No war wounds today!

Then it happened.......

I had an      Oh My God, What            is           That????? Moment. 
I lowered my head (lower than usual) my tail went between my legs and I had the look of fear running through me. Good thing Devin had me on a short leash; the thought of bolting crossed my mind.  Devin brought me over to the HUGE SCARY mess on someones lawn. Tapping on  "IT" Devin told me it was okay. I wasn't convinced at first.  I slooooowly edged my way closer.  There were these HUGE eye like things staring at me.  Devin kept tapping on it, nothing came of it, so i decided to inspect a little closer.
Oh embarrassing....  Devin showed me that those scary "eye" things were just tree rings.   A tree had been cut down and cut into sections.  *phew*

We continued our walk a little further than turned around.  Too cold to go far, is what Devin said.  I could have kept going.  I wanted to turn around a few times to go back in the direction we had been walking in.

Soon it will be warm outside and we'll be back to our long walks. 

Devin keeps saying, a tired dog is a happy dog.  Hmmm.... Maybe that will help with my separation anxiety levels, I suppose that's something to look forward to.

Back home, Devin did some laundry.  The first 3 times out of the apartment (Devin left shortly after we returned from our walk) i put up a fuss, crying until Devin had cleared the hallway. I settled back down.
The 4th Devin left, I came out from my "nest" with no cries. Moments later Devin arrived back, no crying to be had at all. I was laying in the hallway, waiting for the return.
We played for a bit (a few tosses of the snake down the hall), 10mins later Devin had to go back out for a moment. I cried then, but not for long. I settled down before Devin came back.  
No real pattern to when or why I do the things I do (yet).  

When Devin rolled over this morning I was found laying half on and half off my bed.

Devin was hungry (day shift mode) we got up at 4am and had breakfast together...Then back to bed we went....

 After my crying spells today I was exhausted.....

I've got my snow feet!  Since living in Canada I've been growing hair in places i've never had before!
(feet hair, thigh hair)
wispy toe "hairs" (yes with an "s")


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