Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Workout Series

Is it winter again?  I'm confused.  We have green grass, but I have to wear my winter coat.  Is Canadian weather always like this??

We went on our morning walk together, not too far. I was excited to get back home to have breakfast. I had a mini case of the zoomies, nothing like the previous days.  I thought i'd give Devin a bit of a break; getting off nights this morning n' all...

I gobbled up my breakfast and quickly found my warm spot on Devin's bed.  The one I'd been working on keeping warm all night.

We got up around noon and went for a walk, once back home Devin started setting up for a the cardio workout.  I decided to plop myself down outside my nest to watch and give support. 

I finally gave Devin some space to workout in....

Back in the nest

 It's almost supper time - yay!  Think i'll nap a bit more before I have to brave the outdoors again.


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