Monday, March 26, 2012

A Lesson In Moderation?

I'm not sure if I mentioned in yesterdays blog post or not, but I practiced target training as well as "come".
It took some convincing for me to leave my nest, but I did eventually break free.  At one point I ducked back in, Devin went out of sight and called me, I came running!  I was given a few extra pieces of dried beef liver for being such a good listener.   Devin practiced "up up" (I already had that down pat) but it was more the fact of getting me to move off the bed and come when called.

We practiced maybe a bit longer than we should have, but I was having a good time and wasn't done.
To fast forward a bit, when we arrived home from Melissa's last night my tummy was making gurgling sounds....

This morning Devin got up and woke me up from my nest with "breakfast time Milo".  I am a sucker for "breakfast and supper/dinner" Those two words motivate me to no end.  They will wake me out from a dead sleep!
Anyway, after breakfast I crawled off into my bed in Devin's room. I laid there for a bit with a gurgling tummy.  The gurgles soon turned into the dreaded "Greyhound Gas".  Devin and I went on our walk.  It took me forever to go to the washroom.  Normally half way through our walk "I gotta go".  We were nearing the end of the loop when it struck; "The Big D".  Devin had a feeling it was going to be a not so good one; catcher mitt ready -  I caught Devin off guard.  It wasn't even close to anything i've done before.  It was like a spray paint splatter.  Devin managed to get some spray on the white sweatshirt and a few dots on the arm.

You have to laugh or you'd cry is what I heard Devin say.
Back home Devin gave me a dollop of pumpkin in my dish to try and help calm things down.
Nana is going to pick some more up tomorrow for me.

Human Lesson learned:  Moderation with the dehydrated beef liver.  What is yummy and rewarding going in, isn't necessarily going to be wonderful coming back out.

I've decided to move between my nest and Devin's bed.  I don't feel all that greyt today.

Contemplating - Why did you let me eat that Devin??
I'll know for next time....

Going.... z z
Going.. z z Z  z
Fighting it....
Gone.  Z z z z z  Z z z z z
Le sigh*


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