Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My First Day At School!

First things first though -

Last night Devin came to see where I was at.  I was slowly moving my way out from my "nest".

Z z  z - Hangin'

Don't judge. I'm comfy!

This morning Devin and I went for a walk around the big loop.  The weather wasn't overly wonderful; a bunch of drizzle was falling upon us. Meh - Sure beats the pouring rain though!

I was being a bit on the lazy side when Devin gave me my deer antler to munch on. I stayed laying on my side and nom nom nom'd it from there.

I took the opportunity to rest on Devin's bed before it was time for us to leave for "school".

After my morning meltdown occurred (Devin went out to clean the car and left me inside) I was afraid i'd be left behind.  Needless to say I was more than excited when Devin told me it was "time to go to school".
My tail was wagging a mile a minute!

Wag wag wag - Let's go Devin!
Saving up my energy - On our way to school :)

Hanging out - waiting for Shannon to come in and see us

 Nana and Devin sat down and talked with Shannon for a while about me and my quirks. Shannon, Devin, Nana and myself went to the gym after our long talk and did some recall training. Nana was given the clicker and taught how to get me to come.  What to do when i'm not listening - to get my attention.

Devin mentioned to Shannon that maybe we'd like to get a job for me; Suggestion by Devin was perhaps a therapy dog in a nursing home of sorts.  Shannon told Devin that I'm 99% good, but that 1% could be a problem  IE: if an older person or rather someone who is not completely present, might make an odd sound and grab at me, that could end poorly.  Instead she suggested that I try search and rescue - as i like to use my nose, OR Tri-ball.  Tri-Ball is where there are three (3) Pilates balls, I'm release and have to get the balls into the net at the other end.  

Devin is going to go with the search and rescue - Unfortunately with Devin's schedule we can't do group classes, private lessons are the way to go.  Nonetheless, Devin believes it's a greyt investment for me (so do I!).  It gives me something to do, something to look forward to.
Out cold on the ride home - didn't budge an inch.  School is tiring!

 That's it for now.  z  z  z


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