Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ch Ch Cha Changes.....

Devin was a few minutes; more like 10 minutes late coming home this evening from work.  Normally I'm still crashing on Devin's bed upon the arrival, tonight though as soon as Devin put the keys in the door I had bounced off the bed and was stretching/waiting in the hall for the door to open. 

We went for a short walk (thank you Nana for taking me out while Devin's at work), turned around and came home. I was my new frisky self ready to sprint home.  No real zoomies tonight, but I did have the look of Zoom in my eyes.   Maybe it's the lack of anxiety meds in my system? Maybe it's just spring in the air....
Change is happening, whatever it is.

We made it back home, dinner was served up, back to bed I went to lay down for a bit. I  went between my nest and Devin's bed while Devin worked out; some humans just aren't blessed with the natural  physique like me. *hehe*  A lot of hard work goes into sleeping, stretching, walking and repeat.
Nappies last night - my new thing is to cross my front paws as I sleep.

While Devin cleaned up from the workout, I found myself back up on the bed. I thought I'd be helpful and try to turn down the blankets for Devin.  I gave up and ended up plopping down on a pair of joggers.  I like laying on Devin's clothing. :)
Resting on Devin's comfy pants.
That's it for me.  Just one more day and Devin is home with me for a few.  Maybe if the weather is nice we can go to the park.  I sure could use a few sprints!


PS - I  would like to note here that Devin called me to come outside, "the door trick" didn't need to be used. I came running at "Come Milo, let's go outside". 

 Ch Ch ch Changes

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