Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Day In The Life....

Nana dropped by in a mild panic today worrying about Devin and I.  She hadn't heard from us this morning.
Several failed phone attempts later; technology is to blame.  Devin rebooted the cell phone and we were connected to the outside world again :)

I enjoyed the remainder of my birthday last night doing what I love to do.  SLEEPING!

Napping before my bedtime snack

Love my scratches :)

Bedtime snack

Nom Nom Nom

More Nom Nom Nom

All good things come to an end :(



Trying to cover my head with my pillow


Sleepy smiles :)

Flip Flop

More sleepy smiles

Devin saying goodnight to me - are we done with the flash photography???  

Supppppaaa staarrrrrr  Z z z z

Yet another relaxing day.  *photo above*
Devin and I went for our morning walk. It didn't take me long to find my way into my "nest"  Such comfy goodness.  Soft comfy blankets and stuffies surround me as I sleep. It's a GREYT life!    Below are a few more photos from this morning.  

Pretty comfy believe it or not

Cheeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeee   z z  z z Z z z

More Z z z z

"nest" goodness :)

I know it may seem like all I do is sleep, but there is a small window of time throughout the day when I come to life and will run down the hallway after my stuffies when Devin tosses them.  For the most part though I'm quite content just napping my days away.  Retirement -


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