Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pedi, Dog Park And Beach Fun

I had a greyt day today!

Devin came home from work this morning; went on a quick walk. I did my morning thing, then back home we came; I lead the way.  I love breakfast time!!! Heck I love any food time. :)   That was my motivator to get home.

I had my breakfast then curled up with Devin.  We slept for a few hours, Devin woke me up and told me it was almost time to go see Gina. Pedi Day!!!!

I was excited when Devin said "are we going to see Gina"? As soon as my runaway collar was taken from the hook I jumped up in excitement.  Nose pressed against the door! Lets gooooo!!!!
Heading out to Gina's

Give me an inch, and i'll squeeze my way out!

I was a good boy for Gina. She picked me right up and put me up on the table. I didn't make a scene. For the most part I like to say that I just go with the flow.  I stood there like a good boy while Gina clipped my nails and filed them for me.  I feel like a million bucks now!  Thank you Gina :)

Pedi's take a lot out of me. Z z z z

Devin told me we'd be going to the park :)  Still tired....
Perked up when we turned down the road to the park.

Getting closer!!

 While I was at the park I met a chocolate lab/aussie shepherd "Molly". We got along well. They didn't stay once we got there *sniff sniff* Do i smell??

Shortly after they left an 8 month old Bernese Mountain Dog "Katie" came to play. She was full of energy but wasn't jumping at me.  We kind of did our own thing...UNTIL Katie's mommy asked me if i could have a snack - she's trying to teach Katie now to come when called and sit. I had a few liver treats. I was Katie's mommy's best friend.  She tried to get me to sit, I went back some almost in a sitting position but just stood there and clicked my teeth together.  I knew if i waited long enough she'd give up on trying to get me to sit. I WON!  hehe

 Devin and I hung out a little longer than we normally would have so that Katie would have someone to hang out with.  When others started to arrive we say our goodbyes and thanked Katie's mommy for the treats.

Playing fetch with Devin :)

Went down to the beach to cool off

Dipped my toes in to cool off. Toooo chilly, exited the water as quick as I stepped into it.

At the beach-  Looking around

Heading back to the truck...too cold for a swim today

My beach :)
Napping on the way home from the park

Ello Devin!

Practicing my contemplating look

Are we almost home?

How about now?
Time to get out of the truck - home

Feeling lazy, not wanting to move...

Home :)
Ahhhh bed. Z z z z z
Feeling pretty tired out... back to napping, in a few hours it will be supper time!!! *YUM*


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