Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Not much in the way of excitement going on today.  Devin has to work nights, so we've been puttering around the home. 

This morning I took Devin on a long walk down the main road.  2km - I'm always peepy on the walk away from home, when I have to turn back and come home I tend to drag my feet some.  Protest*

I met up with the pug.  We sniffed each other and stared for a bit, then Devin said it was time to head home.

Nana will be here after she is done work to take me out for my evening stroll.  I wonder what I'll see tonight.
Devin said people dress up in all sorts of silly things and go door to door asking strangers for candy???

What ever happened to Stranger Danger??


Devin would like to put this costume together for me next year.  What do you think??


Independent playtime - Decided it was a good idea to pull most of my toys out of my toy box this morning

Action shot - We were playing catch this morning


Giddy up!
Prancing pony

Zombie eyes  - festive for Halloween

Timeout - Pant Pant Pant

Tired from running back and forth
OK! One more time :)

I'm coming!!!
Hello :)
Time out again
Chillin' like a villain
And I'm done. *z z z z *

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