Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me - 5 years Old (Young) Today

What a GREYT day!
Devin woke me up by singing happy birthday to me.  We went got up and went outside; when we came back inside I had breakfast.  I went right to my bed after breakfast.  Devin sang happy birthday to me again. After a while I popped myself up on the bed to keep warm.  I curled right into Devin and zonked out for a few more hours.  Devin woke me up YET AGAIN with another round of Happy Birthday - I think Devin is trying to maybe make up for the years that I didn't have a "special" day. 

We went out for our morning walk.  Devin put on my multipurpose rain/wind coat.  It kept me JUST right, neither cool nor hot.  I had a lot of pep in my step. I like the cooler weather.   I picked up my pace which forced Devin to jog beside me; I kept up a good trot.   We walked until we couldn't go any further. The sidewalk ran out.  We turned around to head home. I'm always slower going home.

Once home I tucked myself into the back of my nest.  Nana came over for a visit and to drop my birthday gift/card to me. She also had another birthday surprise for me!  BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE!!!!
Nana gave me my cupcake and sang happy birthday. Humans sure are funny with this singing thing.

Nana had to help me open my gift - I stayed in my crate and watched.  I wasn't sure what to make of the big box. One thing though i can tell you is i knew exactly what to do when Nana pulled out the .... MILKBONE!!!!! I was given a HUGE box of MILKBONES!!!!  *gobble gobble*

When the NOM NOM NOM NOM was all done, Devin found that i had a piece of cupcake sitting right smack in the middle of my eyeball.  We tried to wipe it away, the piece made it to the corner of my eye.  Not much luck getting it out.  It started to dissolve when Devin tried to wipe it away with a fingertip.   I also had sprinkles all over my bedding.  Devin said once I come out of there we'll give it a good shaking.  I don't like to be disturbed when i'm sleeping in my "nest".  Heck, would you like it very much if someone made you get out of a nice warm bed you worked so hard to get that way??? :)


Downward Dog - Yoga to start the day :)

Nom Nom Nom

Back to my bed after eating my breakfast

climbed into bed with Devin - brrr it's cool

bum covered, head tucked.  Z zz  z z

Good Morning - Devin is up, I'm still out cold

Z z z z

Do we really have to wake up now??

Happy Birthday To Meeeeeee (Nose dribble on Devin's pillow)

But I don't want to get up....

Ok, lets go :)

And we're offfffff

Walking walking, just keep walking...

Zippp zoooommm



Classic - Everyone has a photo of their baby in a tub.  Here is mine with the Fire Hydrant

Ear flip :)

Working my way back home...

Cupcake with sprinkles (can't see them) and birthday gift

Checking things out - Is this for me???

Action shot - coming out for my Birthday Cupcake!

Nom Nom Nom - Nana sang happy birthday to me :)

Looking for more sprinkles

Birthday present and card

Birthday Card :)


Ellloo :)

Inside my birthday card - Pa Pa Geo, Nana, Rye-Lee :)

Oh what's that??? Nana helping me open my big gift!

Sniffing around for cupcake sprinkles while Nana unwrapped my gift

All mine???

Me Likes!!!

Someone going to open this box for me??

Right on! Nana is the greatest!


Nom Nom

More Nom Nom

Birthday Card from Nana, Pa pa and Rye-Lee

Me and My Card :)

Still sniffin' up the sprinkles

Pretty birthday boy photo :)

Tired out from the festivities.  Hiding my face

Me and My Birthday card :)

Back to bed

We've decided it's too cool and icky outside to go to the park.  Maybe we can go up there sometime this week.   Devin said they are calling for an unusually warm October *paws crossed*.

Next big event will be Halloween!   So many new things to experience!


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