Saturday, October 8, 2011

Clean Sheets and Octopus Nights....

I greeted Devin this evening at the door.  I was soooo excited!!!  I was given lots of loving and surprised Devin several times.  Devin asked me to shake paw. I raised my left paw. For some reason this made Devin very happy.  So we continued the game.  Finally we went off to make my supper.  Devin tried the shake paw thing again, I wasn't game. I just stood there confused looking and decided to hunch over and try to lay down.  Devin gave me lovin' and told me it was okay.  Dinner was served!

Nana dropped by to take me for a walk. Devin had somethings to get done before tomorrow; Nana was nice to help out :)

Nana took me around the old route - big loop!  Nana was tired, but I could have kept going. Hehe
While on our walk I met Bella. A HUGE SAINT BERNARD.  She wasn't listening to her owner very well. She came barreling out at me.  We sniffed each other and all was well.  I'm pretty easy going like that.

Nana gave me an ice cube after we returned from our walk.  I even was given a few pieces of kibble for humouring Devin and Nana  - Photos to follow.

Nothing else to talk about; yet another early morning tomorrow.  THEN we get to sleep in (some). 
Bed time - No KONG tonight I was told. The PB has bothered my tummy :(
Devin needs to pick up some yogurt to mix in in KONG.


Last night - couldn't get comfy:
And it starts

And i turn

And I flop

Maybe... z z z  zz

Hmm Don't think so....

Getting ready to flip again

Maybe now?

For a bit...   Nope..
Much better! z z   zz
Davey Davey Crocket? (photos that earned me some kibble for putting up with Devin and Nana)

Really Devin? really???

I left a nice surprise for Devin.  The hat was left on the ground. After supper I decided to take it from the spare room and clean my teeth with it.

Devin cleaned my bedding for me - Waiting for my bedding to be put back together...

Still waiting....

Me likes!  CLEAN!


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