Thursday, October 6, 2011

Independence and Practice Makes Perfect

Lately I've been taking to sleeping on my own bed.  |When it gets closer to breakfast or supper time I jump into bed with Devin and settle in for a bit.  When I want Devin to get up i'll start licking a leg or something.  That normally wakes Devin up.... Then starts our day :)  Out and Food!

Big Boy Bed

Uhm, A little chilly in here...

I see you, Enough with the flash already!

I give up...

Covering my face from the flash

Daytime naps are the greytest!

Nana thought It would be a great idea to get me used to my boots.  The weather is getting cooler here; but by no means is it time to wear boots.  I did lay there like a trooper and let Nana put my boots on ALL 4 of my feet.  Nana tells Devin that we need to pick and choose our battles.  I think this is a battle tonight just wasn't worth fighting.

Maybe if I just lay here they will go away???

Ah nope... Going to lay down in my hiding spot.

They won :(   Out we Go
I won! Off they came!  :D

And of course what boot wearing session would be complete without having a video:
After I kicked the majority of the boots off in the hall we went outside.  I had a severe case of the ZOOMIES!  Good thing Nana wasn't holding on to me, I would have taken her arm clear out of its socket!
I dropped myself on the ground, wiggled around quickly, got up sprinted to the end of my leash. I did the sprinting thing a few times.  Devin had to calm me down. I was ready to go!!!!


More Photos:
Hanging with my friends

Tired of the camera flashes  - went to my "nest"

Devin still flashing that darn camera at me!

Maybe if I hide my face.... Ello?

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