Monday, October 24, 2011

MIA - Guess Who's Back?

Where to start?
I've been absent from my blog for a few days. I feel like there's tons of updating to be done. Well at least tons of photos to post.  I haven't been up to a whole lot lately.  Devin has been under the weather so we've been staying put.  Quick walks outside, that's about the extent of my daily life lately.  Suits me just fine, as i'm more than happy to lay around and sleep the days/nights away.

Devin came home early on Friday Devin came home to find another baseball cap laying on the ground outside of my crate with a few CHOMP CHOMP marks in the peak.  Saturday nights Devin came home early again only to find this time that I stole a knitted hat and that thingy that holds the curtains back. Yeah, I managed to chew the holding piece off the thingy. Meh... whatever. Leave me see what I will/can do!

Devin decided to bring back the KONG at night time.  I like that. It tires me out and keeps me busy after Nana or Melissa have been by to let me out.  I fall into my usual food coma after and couldn't care who was around or not.

I left a surprise for Devin in the hallway this morning.  Right were it would be seen as soon as someone walked in.
Exhibit A.  Full piece of plastic from the hat I destroyed the other day.  I managed to bring back up whole. I'm a magician!

Devin asked me when I'd be doing my next magic act.  I think the next show will be in a few more days. Kinda like when I had the "fish plant incident".

Today Devin and Nana took me out to the Dog Park.  We JUST beat the rain.  Nana and Devin tossed the ball for me, I ran like a mad fool after it (video to follow in another post). Devin told Nana that I just normally plop down when i've had enough.  Sure enough after my usual amount of ball tosses, I plopped myself down on the ground.
A few sprinkles here and there, then all of a sudden bigger drops began to fall. Nana looked to the West and saw a wall of rain coming our way. We boogied ourselves out of the park and down to the water for a quick check. 
The waves were crazy high!  In the words of Cousin Christopher - There were huge "bottle caps" (white caps) out in the water.

We didn't stay by the water very long.  Home we came.  I'm completely tuckered out.  It didn't take me long to find my way into my crate.

Here are a few photos from my MIA weekend:

So loving my KONG STICK

Cleaning my teeth
Panting up a storm from chewing so much

Le pant*

Sleepy eyes *pant pant*

Smiles :)

THUD * nap time with my KONG STICK

Thanks for turning off the flash Devin

More Roachin'

Flop - Cuddles with sheepie and bunny


New obsession - Theo the tugboat
hanging off the end of my bed - laying on Devin's shirt.

R o a c h i n g

Sleepy smiles - no flash (thank you again Devin)
more roaching

my pig belly - as Devin calls it - soft and pink like a pig

Roachin' Feet - reflection

action shot - Hi!
 Maybe if i hide my face...

yeah, z z z z

Devin woke up to find me like this beside the bed. Bat wing arms

Pig belly Supaman pose

Love laying on my back - Til Devin gets camera happy then i flop over and hide

Toe curls

Catching some sun this morning

Park play!

bringing my ball back for another toss

I've had enough - thank you

 Happy Boy

Checking out the flowers at the park - heading home

Err.... Shame

Nana and Milo walking towards the beach

Ready to go - hot in his jacket from running around

Ah much better!  Dippin' the toes

Walkin' the shoreline

Checking out the water - Toe cramp!

Heading back to the car

Oh, Sand hill!

Beach view - choppy day

Crashed out - ride home.


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