Monday, October 17, 2011

Firemen and Texas!

Firemen stopped by to check our smoke detector. I made nice with both of them.
They gave me a few pats and scratches.  One was surprised of my colouring/markings.  A lot of people think we are suppose to be one standard colour. It's strange.  Just like everyone else; we're different.

I wasn't overly excited when they pushed on the button to make the fire detector go off. It made me whip my head back in their direction to see what all that noise was about.  They left us alone shortly after.  We trailed out the door around the same time, I tried to walk with them down the hall; Devin told me that we couldn't hang out with them, it was our outside time. Hmpft*

Back in from my outing, Devin put that icky REVOLUTIONS on neck.  I've been acting a little put off since that.  I was assured this was the last time I'd have it until spring;  Well if we go to Florida this winter/spring break i'll be back on in *ugh*

Nana and I ran into the "tree people", they are leaving for Texas (where i used to live) next Monday.  It's going to be a quiet 6 months without them, somehow I think I'll manage just fine.  Tonight on top of their rocking chair  - which is above my "nest", going back and forth there was this strange sound that sounded like a deviated septum.  Honestly!

Okay, it's almost bed time (again),

Devin found me laying on the corner of my bed early this morning.

Tonight: Not overly impressed with the REVOLUTIONS treatment i was given.


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