Friday, October 14, 2011

I've returned :)

It's been busy here since the weekend.  Devin worked nights on Wed/Thurs.  Nana came by and took care of me.  The other night she gave me a frozen Brussel Sprout. I loovveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee those!!!

I've been not quite myself today. A little on the clingy/needy side.  That's okay though, i'm allowed to be.
Each time Devin left the apartment to tend to the laundry I had a cry fest. They don't last long, but enough to make Devin feel guilty about leaving me. :D  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

At one point Devin brought me down to the laundry room to change the laundry over.  That was pretty boring. After that I was more than okay with staying in the house by myself. No cries.  Grown-up stuff can be so boring. Meh

Devin picked me up this JW cousin squeaker ball with legs.  The girl at the store apparently told Devin that they'd take it back for full refund if i chewed through it.   2 minutes in with the JW I put my scissor teeth to work and sawed my way through the foot.  Devin called the store to see if the return policy was correct and to see what time they closed at.   We jumped into the car and went to town for our refund. 
On the way into the store i was recognized. I wonder if that's how celebrities feel.  I got the "hey it's the greyhound from the park".  Even in my raincoat i was recognized.  I'm going to have to add sunglasses to my outfit if my celeb status increases anymore. Hehe

While in the store the guy was trying to get me to react to my new squeaky toy. I had more interest in pulling out this LONG HUGE STUFFY from the display.  The first two times Devin told me No, I didn't listen.  So much to see and play with in there! 

On our way out of the store i got me some lovings from a few strangers. Full of questions :)

Home - we went for a quick walk for me to do my evening thing.  When we arrived home Devin gave my my new toy.  KONG Squeaker I think is the name of it.  We'll see if it holds up against my scissor teeth. 
I went to town chewing on it. Devin kept taking it away from me (No growlies!!! ) to look it over for any damages. So far so good.  I think we found me a good teeth cleaning helper.   Completely pooped now from playing, i'm going to tuck in for the night.

I'm going to attach a few photos that were taken over this past week.

Nose Tuck

 I woke Devin up the other day with these positions - Feet clicking against the dresser:

Half torso boy

Half Torso Boy
Comfy hanging off my bed

 Z z z 

Neck Stretch

Where's my legs???
Enough with the flashes Devin

Using my stuffy bottle as pillow

My Three Minute Toy:
JW Cousin 
Oh, What's this?? squeaky???

Chomp chomp


Three Minute Toy :(

 Heading to town for my new toy:

Icky rain....

KONG Squeaky stick :)

Ohhhh New Toy!!!

Action shot* CHOMP
Back in my nest with my new toy

Chomp, Chew

Nom nom nom nom getting those back teeth clean!

A little cross eyed, concentrating
Yum! *lick* Love it!

Back at it

Tired of the photos....

Enough, are you done Devin??

Tired from all the chewing


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