Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chilly Mornings, Bath n' Ear

It sure was c c c c cold walk this morning.  Devin put on my rain/wind jacket for me. For the now it keeps me plenty warm.  We walked down to where the sidewalk ends - Devin timed it, it's a total 2km walk from home.

On our morning walk this morning we ran into Bernie; Nana knows him.  We stopped to talk for a few minutes. He told me that I'd be cold this winter! Devin assured Bernie that I had winter coat to keep me warm. Our walks might not bring us all the way out to where we were, but it would be all good.

Bernie had a few cookies in his pocket. I could smell them! he asked if it would be okay if I had one, Devin said sure.  MILKBONE! my favorite!!!!
I was Bernie's best buddy from there on out. hehe

We finished our walk and spent the remainder of the day indoors.  Going out a  few times to do my thing.

I've been scratching a licking bit lately, Devin wasn't sure if it was from my last river dunk or just that time of the season.  A bath apparently was Devin's solution.  I was promised that this would be my last before winter came.  YAY if all goes well, none until spring!!!

I was a good boy, with some guidance I went into the tub. I stood there like a trooper.  No fussing, Devin talked to me the whole time. I started to tremble a little bit towards the end, Devin took that as a cue to end the bath.  All suds rinsed.  I thought I was done, until I saw Devin coming towards me with my ear cleaning drops *ugh*  My "nest" was closed on me, so i looked for refuge near the fish tank.  No where was safe.

Ears cleaned, Snack given, nest door opened. 
 Feeling a bit put off right now. Thinking I'll hide out until supper


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