Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bath, Benadryl and KONG Dreams *

Title said with my best Robin Leach accent* (champagne wishes and caviar dreams)

I've been shedding a crazy amount lately; One could say I'm a little off with my seasonal molting.

I went for my evening walk with Devin and Nana. When I arrived home my bath was already drawn for me.
I wasn't too thrilled about getting into the tub, but i didn't fuzz a whole lot about it either.  Sometimes you just gotta go with it.  I had a good scrub down with my medicated shampoo. Hopefully that helps me with my itchies and shedding.

I was given a good ear cleaning too after my bath. It was just one thing after another. I felt a bit like i was being attacked.  Bath, Ears, Benadryl(attempts 3) and then FINALLY i was given my Kong.  Bringing it back to my ear cleaning. I managed to lay up against the couch and tried to push my head under the couch to guard against that cold liquid being put into my ears. Brrrrrrr*   After the ear cleaning was done with, I was sneaky and swung open my "nest" door all by myself and ran into there.   I wasn't going to take the benadryl without making it a challenge for Devin; After all i made everything else relatively easy this evening.

Since coming home from Bill's i've been fascinated with the red disk things in the hallway of our complex.
Devin keeps explaining to me that they are "fire alarm bells".  I don't get it. 

Also the other night while we were out walking, someone had their 4way flashers on their car while. I stood there for what felt like an eternity watching the flashing.

This evening on our walk I found myself in a pile of leaves.  I am working on my search and rescue skills.
I found a small tree branch in the pile, picked it up and spit it out of the pile.

Z z z z Roachin'

Hangin' out with Nana

After our morning walk: Uhm, Devin - you forgot something... (jacket)
Much better, thank you! :)

Z z z

Good Morning - Or so Devin said it was *yawn*

Leave me alone -
Oops, fallen off my bed

Pretty white dipped feet

And here we go with the flash again....

No flash - much better
This photo stuff is getting old...

Squinting from the flash
Napping with my KONG stick

I got brushed. I lost hair. If there any grey's out there whom need a toupee.... Call me!

After bath, ear cleaning, benadryl, KONG :)

Digging in.
When Devin gave me my KONG my towel wasn't put down. Devin was having a "sometimers" moment.
I let Devin pick up my KONG after I had dug into it, in order to place down my towel.  No growlies :)

That's it for me. Exhausted from my spa treatment!


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