Friday, October 7, 2011

Sad Fish Eyes....

I was super excited when Devin started making supper tonight.  I heard the can open and the smell was just out of this world!

Devin was making a salad with SALMON!!!!!  I LOVE MY FISH!!!!
Devin told me it wasn't for me.  That made me very sad. I didn't understand. Fish is ALWAYS for me :(
I ran to the living room getting into my "waiting" place; hoping to get a nibble.

No luck, Devin gave me a breath buster instead.  Food is Food I suppose...  Still no fish.
Defeated I went off to my crate and sulked...

Sad fish eyes....
Another early morning for us tomorrow.  The sound of Devin's alarm clock sends me running for breakfast in the morning. Devin said something about "Pavlov's Dog"??

Almost time for my KONG :)


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