Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rainy Days and (REJECTED) Ice Treats

We went over to Nana's today for a visit. Devin thought this might cure my cries.  Again today when Devin left the house to do laundry I started the water works.  The last time I was left alone, Devin said I could be heard all the way down into the laundry room. I carried on for nearly 4mins.

I have a bit of a bad wheel today.  I've been limping with my rear leg some.  Once I get going for the most part I'm okay.   Maybe it's from sleeping so long on my side?  Devin and I slept in until 0845hrs.  Unheard of I know.

So yeah, we went to Nana's for a visit. Devin brought my new green KONG toy. Nana put a blanket out for me to lay on.  I laid on there while chewing up a storm.  Eventually I tired myself out and crashed for a while.

Back to the apartment to pick up our laundry; Devin brought me down to the laundry room to take the clothes out of the dryer.  I'm happy to do odd little jobs like that.

Nana came over this evening for our walk.  Once back inside Devin brushed my teeth for me.  MmMmm "peanut butter".  Devin said next tube will be either chicken of beef flavour. Yum!

Nana decided I should be given a treat for being such a good boy.  ICE TREAT!!!!!
While Nana was handing me my ICE TREAT, Devin was pulling down the box of milk bones.  No sooner did Nana put the ice treat into my mouth, Devin had pulled a bone out of the box.  I instantly spit the ice treat across the floor and turned my focus on Devin and that bone.   Devin tried to get me to sit.  I went back some, but decided to jump up.  We'll maybe work on this?  A greyhounds mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Nothing else exciting going on here.  Back inside my nest for an evening sleep, puffy sleeping cheeks and all.



Sometimes it's nice to just know someone is there....

Turkey wing legs
Taking a moment out from chewing on my green KONG -  Strike A Pose!

Snuggle time

Greyt Pillow
Cold Rainy Walk *brrr*
At Nana's

Z z z z

Too tired to lift my head to chew


Cleaning my own teeth

Yeah, that got old fast

Z z z z z

Pretty teeth

Twisted, but comfy

Winter coat on for my walk tonight

Nana Lovin'
Tired Eyes....  Thanks for taking off the flash Devin

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