Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Germs and Sneaky Leaf Gang

Low key day here on the ranch.  Devin was running a fever this morning so we just chilled for the better part of the day.  Exceptions were when I was taken out for a quick "out".

Can't say i'm much in the mood for snuggling. Germs -Ew!! Don't come near me. I can smell the "sick".

So this is what i've done with my day:

staying far away as possible....

Okay, fine - after much begging i gave in and laid down with Devin for a few minutes

Playing with Theodore

Devin tossed Theo for me - wasn't feeling much like playing so i brought him back into my nest.  Game over.

On my quick walk this morning I was spooked by a leaf.  Well actually it was a gang of leaves that came rushing at my feet with the wind. I stood there and "Statued" with a panicked stare for a quick moment.  Devin brought me back and we continued home.  Those leaves are sneaky! coming up out of nowhere. hmpft*

Back to bed


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