Sunday, October 9, 2011



Devin flew into the house after work and immediately gave me my supper.  I was just finishing my last few licks of food when I saw Devin standing at the counter with my two collars and leash in hand.  We had to go.

Truck went into the shop tonight... I went for the drive *burp*
On the way back home we drove in Nana's truck.  Back seats are sure different in that thing. I sat for the majority of the trip home.  Yes actually sat.  I was stress panting up a storm too! *burp*

We landed at Nana's where Devin picked up turkey!!!! It's my first Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow.
Maybe i'll get a little treat?? or something??? 

Devin decided to try and walk me home from Nana's.  We made it to the forensics building, then Nana pulled up in the truck to give us a quick lift home.  Once home I drank up a storm.  Before leaving home earlier I didn't bother grabbing a sip of water after eating.  My bad!  I won't do that again!

Gotta get going - might be going quiet this weekend.  See you all possibly on Tuesday/Wednesday :)


*burp*  <--- from Devin rushing me through supper and the winding roads to newington

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