Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Greyt Sleeps and Upcoming Pedi :)

I was having the bestest'est sleep ever this morning when Devin woke me up. 
Apparently my feet in Devin's face was unacceptable. Hmpft!

I was being a real snuggle bum this morning. Lately I like pushing my head up against Devin. I can't seem to get close enough.  At some point I managed to swing myself around so that I was laying crossways in the bed.  I managed to turn around on my back some and that's when my legs popped straight up into Devin's face.

We stayed in bed for the better part of the day.  Getting up a few times to let me out.  Supper has been served and already in the process of digesting. I've curled up inside my crate for a nap; Nana will be here tonight again to take me out.  I sure am lucky to have my Nana!

Tomorrow we go to see Gina at noon. She will be giving me my Pedi!  She's real nice. I don't mind going there one bit.  She also has a greyhound :)

Sort of pressed for time, so here are a few photos from this morning:

Post feet in face, I moved and got comfy again

Z z z z


Happy Devin showered..sniff sniff... Z z z z z


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