Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ignore Me Will You..

Short story time:
A few days ago when Nana had me out for my evening stroll; on the way back home there is a man who always loves me up but that night he walked by so I jumped on him. The nice man said  "I'm sorry I didn't say hello", and gave me some lovin'. I was fine :)

I was on a bit of a protest this morning. Devin woke me up and told me we'd be going outside, then ran off to toss the laundry in. I didn't take kindly to this.  On went the water works.  Devin apologized. I understand - Early bird gets the worm.  I'm thankful now as I have a nice clean blanket to lay on.  Life is Greyt!

So yeah, we went out for a quick walk this morning while the clothing were being washed. I had to bolt back to the house to change it over; I felt too pressured to do things, so I protested by not doing anything.  Devin brought me back inside - water works again for a few moments; while Devin tossed the laundry into the dryer.

We then went for a walk over to Nana's.  I nearly ran over Rye-Lee as I barreled up the stairs to get inside the house. I made a straight line for the snack cupboard.  Rye-Lee was left standing in the doorway wondering what the heck ran past/over top him. 

Nana gave me lovin' and scratches. At one point I got grumpy and started a low growl while she scratched my side.  Nana seems to think maybe it's because i associate her with Devin leaving that's why i give some attitude at times.  I prefer pats over scratches.  Not much on me to scratch.

Nana will start coming over to hang out when everyone is home to see if that makes a difference.

We continued on our walk - I did what I had to do (maybe that's why i was grumbly - Nana always says a poop will fix just about everything ..hehe silly  Nana).  Back home to clean bedding.  Me likes!

I guess that's enough rambling for today.



Last night: Tired from my run at the park yesterday

Zz z z z z  ... hiding my face

At Nana's: Found Rye-Lee's water dish. Did these shrink??

Pre-growlies - Nana playing with me

All dressed up - Wearing Devin's hat (the one i chewed on a few days back)

clean blankies! found a nice patch of sun - evil eyes

Why all these photos??

Lazy - Chewing on my KONG STICK while laying down

Chomp chomp


More Chompies

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