Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick update :)

I'm still experiencing some resentment when Devin/Nana leave me.
Day shift 1 surprises: Photos below*

Silk white tie dropped down beside my toy

Dapper :)


Nana cuddles :)
Soooo tired

Managed to swing myself around sideways in my "nest" while Roaching

Smiles - I really like hiding my head under blankets

Where's my head??

Devin said it wouldn't be appropriate to take photos or post photos of what I left on Day Shift 2.

The short of it is, I managed to find those tasty curtain holder backer thingies.  I finished off the piece of fabric that holds the holder in place to keep the curtains pulled back.  I chewed down on both pieces and took Devin's knitted hat.   I left a nice little surprise on my freshly washed frog blankie (shown in above photos).  I was "sick" on my blanket.   

Nana was here waiting for Devin to come home from work so we could go for our evening walk together.
Devin asked Nana if this is how she felt when she came home from work years ago to find that Lil' Devin had been sick with Kraft Dinner and Hot Dogs all over the blankets.   Pay back :)

Time for my evening walk with Nana and Devin!


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