Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My First Canadian Thanksgiving Day - Oscar award winning performance

I went to the park later on in the day. I met more new friends and enjoyed much attention of the new people at the park. Tons of questions and scratches. I never turn those away. :)

Devin tossed the ball several times and I ran after it.  Finally I let Devin know that I was ready for a cool down; when I dropped down and laid on the ground with my tongue hanging out of my mouth.

We wandered down to the beach.  The water was cold; or so Devin thought.  I thought otherwise. It took me no time to wade out far enough until I could plop myself down in there and be covered. I laid there for a little bit, sneaking in a few sips.

When I was done I got out and headed for the shoreline.  Devin wrapped me in a towel and picked me up so i wouldn't get that scratchy sand all over me. Devin is good like that.

When we arrived home it was just about supper time for me.  Devin filled my bowl with food in the spare bedroom and that is when all hell broke lose. 
Just as Devin was turning around to walk out of the spare bedroom with my food in hand, I had a MAJOR FREAK OUT.  I started panicking, yelping, crying, screaming and holding my front right paw up. There was no consoling me. Devin tried to look at my paw, but i jacked that up so close to my body that it was hard to catch.
Devin thought i might have stepped on a tack or something with the way i was acting.  Angela thought maybe i caught it on the bicycle that's in that room. They aren't sure; and to honest I don't think I know what happened. It happened all so quickly. :(   It was like a siren when off in my mouth and I couldn't find the off switch.  Devin tried to calm me down, holding me close and shhhhing me.  After about 1mins of siren yelps I stopped.  I was able to put weight down on my foot and within no time i walked right out of the spare bedroom.  No hint of a limp or anything.  I did go off to my crate though even though Devin had put my food down for me to eat. Didn't take me long to get out of there either once i realized supper had been served.

The October 10, 2011 Academy Award For MOST dramatic performance goes to: 
MILO Innes De Gray
For his siren yelps and mystical healing.
Road trip!

Resting after playing catch

My first Canadian Thanksgiving meal :)  Squash and Turkey

A boy and his ball

Devin and Me

Devin and Me

Possibly my last fall dip in the river

Getting up, i've had enough

In the car! heading home


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