Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fresh Air, New Friends and Pool Closing....

I had Devin up early this morning. We went for a quick "out"; when we got inside the house Devin told me it was too early for breakfast and that we were going back to bed.

Devin woke up the sound of me coughing in the living room.  I managed to bring up the smaller of the two pieces from that evil baseball cap.  1 more piece to go. *blah*

After breakfast we went for our morning walk....

Morning walk- - the sun sure feels good!


Someone was making noise down the street.  It caught my interest.

The pile of leaves from the other night - Search and Rescue

I'mma comin'

Looking down the stairs.  These are the same set of stairs i jumped down from the top step to the bottom last night.

Maybe no jumping today....


Getting ready to head to Melissa's

Side view - model pose
Not so comfy laying down in this thing...

z z z

Angel and I hanging out in the backyard

Playing nice

Doing our own thing

Uhm, anyone gonna let me in??

Playing with my KONG stick

Finally settling in on my bed

Oh, what's that??  Throw it!!!!
Running after my KONG stick

Model Pose 1

Model Pose 2

Keeping our distance, doing our own thing

Helping out with the closing of the pool

Hello?? How about now? Please?

Model Pose 3

Model Pose 4

Heading back to my bed

Doing our own thing again


Angel following me. She liked nibbling on my back legs today. I don't get it.

Hangin' out my myself
Z z z z  enjoying the sun

Allll byyy myyyyyselfffff.....

Listening. I hear voices upstairs...

Yup, this looks like a good place to lay down

Handsome, I know.. :)

Others working on closing the pool still.  I decided i'd just hang out on by the fence

Watching Melissa

Annnnnd enough of this. Off to wander

Angel said her Mommy was home. *arf arf* Waiting for Sherry R to open the gate
Chillin' on my bed with my worldly possessions. Devin moved it to be in the sun :)

Another angle, just cause Devin can.... Ugh*

Getting ready to head inside, Devin thought i'd like to feel the sun on my skin


Finally inside!!!
Big pillow for my little deer like head :)

Much better...

Big sighs*

Crashed out.

Headin' home! YAY!!!
Headin' home...

Are we home yet??

Co pilot

Finally home...

Are we done yet?


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